Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Reddit needs a picture ( rather "Video and Photo") section

Surfer is the king on the Internet. All the websites and content is projected towards driving the surfer to their own site. Social bookmarking sites show which kind of content is being liked by "Surfers". Reddit for example has been my favorite for its quality of the bookmarked sites. However, lately we have experienced that while bookmarked sites are still of quality content but some of these sites are only which contain pictures and videos ( funny/witty mostly). This is a distraction in reading quality news content or something which is intellectually stimulating. I am not saying that the pictures/videos are not intellectually stimulating but they are all together a separate segment.

So , Why not have a separate section of pictures.... What say guys ... a complete section which caters to pictures and videos so that people who find such things stimulating can submit thier bookmarked sites to this section.

This would also help organize Reddit a bit more. Sub-reddits like Technology,Science and Politics will have a new sibling "Video/Photo"

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