Monday, July 28, 2008

Please don’t breathe unless you absolutely have to

I came across this comment while reading one of the articles in telecrunch by Cory. Just have a read ...

"Please don’t breathe unless you absolutely have to.

Did you know that every time you breathe out, you are releasing the deadliest of greenhouse gasses… CO2?!?!? For the sake of the planet, and for the sake of the children, please stop breathing. If everyone would stop breathing, the planet could stop suffering our incessant CO2 emissions. Who cares that exhaling CO2 is a natural process, and that all plants NEED CO2 to survive and put out oxygen (you know, the stuff we breathe in so that we can survive)?

Or…if you insist on breathing out, please buy carbon credits from one of the companies Al Gore invested in before hyping up global warming which then made him excessively rich. I’m sorry, did that sound cynical?"

Does it tickle you???

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