Friday, August 03, 2007

2 Apple G4 Powerbooks 12" & 15" that built reddit.com

Steve "spez" Huffman and Alexis "kn0thing" Ohanian sold off their 2 Apple G4 Powerbooks 12" & 15" that built reddit.com for supporting Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA) .

"Technical Specifications
Steve's PowerBook G4 15" (1.5 GHz Power PC G4)1 GB DDR RAM80GB HD512 KB L2 CacheMatshita DVD-R/CD-RW CW-8123ATI Mobility Radeon 9700Airport Extreme Wireless Card 802.11b/g56k V.92 Modem10/100/1000 Base-T EthernetBluetooth2 USB 2.0 Ports

Alexis' PowerBook G4 12" (1.5 GHz Power PC G4)1.25 GB DDR RAM512 KB L2 Cache60GB HDMatshita DVD-R/CD-RW CW-8123GeForce FX Go5200Airport Extreme Wireless Card 802.11b/g56k V.92 Modem10/100/1000 Base-T EthernetBluetooth2 USB 2.0 PortsNew Battery (Roughly 6 months old)"

A good gesture accompanied by insights of the time when they built reddit.com can be found on eBay
"This is the laptop he literally slept with for a number of months while the site was still unstable *cough* written in Lisp *cough*. He'd been using it up until just the months before our acquisition last year (those new Macbooks came out, don't ya know?). Somewhere along the way, the latch stopped closing all the way, so his 15" Powerbook has been pimped out with a piece of velcro -- old school style -- to keep the lid shut.

My 12" Powerbook has been covered with reddit (and a few other) stickers and was the place where every single reddit logo (archive at redditalien.com) had been doodled until only a month ago. Pure touchpad, baby."

Wanna buy one of those?

Lost the chance baby.....

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