Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ten Commandments For How "NOT" To Get On The Front Page Of Social Bookmarking Site

I have been a regular at Reddit and am witness to the blind rush for submission of stories on Reddit. The best part is that these stories vanish as quickly as they appear. This is my endeavour to help those guys. So here are the Ten Commandments For How "NOT" To Get On The Front Page Of Social Bookmarking Site

#10 Grammar Doesn't Matter If you can understand, readers can also understand.Your article will get the recognition it might deserve. Don't worry if your content is easy or hard for someone to read and understand !

#9 Do Dupe. Make sure your story is a copy and has been posted many times. Nothing worse than posting something everyone has never read!

#8: Impatience Is A Virtue. You can be a top submitter right away.Spam! Keep spamming at it without quality and with quantity. Eventually you will rise to prominence!

#7: Don't Be Helpful. Posting information which is not helpful and has crap content (from personal knowledge or another reputable Internet source) is always a good way to make friends and gain respect.

#6: Timing. Anytime is the best time to submit stories. In general, if you can't get your story out early in the morning, right before everyone gets to a computer, then you got a leg up.

#5: Know Your Community. All Social bookmarking sites are your playground. Don't try to understand the interest/culture of individual sites. Submit any story anywhere without blinking twice!

#4: Personal Blogs. Do become a spammer, only link to stories that you post on your blog and "YOU" really think are interesting.

#3: Concentrate On Your Neighbours Interests. If it is fun for your neighbour, then it becomes easy. Make sure you are submitting something that interests your neighbour, chances are there are other people who enjoy their interests.Never let your personal interest come into submitting links!

#2: The Title. Don't try to catch the audience’s eye. If the title stinks, everyone is happy!

#1: RSS Feeds.. Don't have them. No need, you are only submitting your own blog posting!

Any deviation from these Ten Commandments are only at your risk and there is a risk of getting to the top of your favorite social bookmarking site.

For guys who are lazy to even find a bookmarking site, your only chance is to read further

1 30daytags http://www.30daytags.com/ 2 AllMyFavorites http://www.allmyfavorites.net/ 3 aworldofhelp http://www.aworldofhelp.com/ 4 Backflip http://www.backflip.com/ 5 beanrocket http://www.beanrocket.com/ 6 Bibsonomy http://www.bibsonomy.org/ 7 Blauer Bote http://bookmarks.blauerbote.com/ 8 BlinkBits http://blinkbits.com/ 9 Blinklist http://www.blinklist.com/ 10 BlogHop http://www.bloghop.com/ 11 BlogLot http://www.bloglot.com/ 12 Blogmarks http://blogmarks.net/ 13 Blogmemes http://blogmemes.net/ 14 BlogPulse http://www.blogpulse.com/ 15 Blue Dot http://bluedot.us/ 16 BmAccess http://www.bmaccess.net/ 17 browsr http://www.browsr.com/ 18 Buddymarks http://buddymarks.com/ 19 CiteUlike http://www.citeulike.org/ 20 clipclip http://www.clipclip.org/ 21 ClipMarks http://www.clipmarks.com/ 22 CommonTimes http://www.commontimes.org/ 23 Complore http://complore.com/ 24 Conn otea http://www.connotea.org/ 25 Connectedy http://www.connectedy.com/ 26 Connotea http://www.connotea.org/ 27 de.lirio.us http://de.lirio.us/ 28 del.icio.us http://del.icio.us/ 29 digg http://digg.com/ 30 diigo http://www.diigo.com/ 31 Dinnerbuzz http://www.dinnerbuzz.com/ 32 Dohat http://dohat.com/ 33 Fantacular http://www.fantacular.com/ 34 Fark http://cgi.fark.com/ 35 Favoor http://www.favoor.com/ 36 Feed Me Links http://feedmelinks.com/ 37 FeedMarker http://www.feedmarker.com/ 38 Flipskipper http://www.flipskipper.com/ 39 Frassle http://frassle.rura.org/ 40 Furl http://www.furl.net/ 41 Gibeo http://www.gibeo.net/ 42 Gibeo http://www.gibeo.net/ 43 Give a Link http://www.givealink.org/ 44 GoKoDo http://mybookmark.gokodo.com/ 45 Google Notebook http://www.google.comnotebook/ 46 Gravee http://www.gravee.com/ 47 Hyperlinkomatic http://www.hyperlinkomatic.com/ 48 IceRocket http://www.icerocket.com/ 49 igooi http://www.igooi.com/ 50 IndiaGram http://www.indiagram.com/ 51 Indiamarks http://www.indiamarks.com/ 52 Jots http://jots.com/ 53 Kaboodle http://www.kaboodle.com/ 54 kinja http://kinja.com/ 55 Kuro5hin http://www.kuro5hin.org/ 56 leze.de and http://www.leze.de/ 57 Library Thing http://www.librarything.com/ 58 Lilisto http://lilisto.com/ 59 Link Blog http://www.linkblog.com.br/ 60 Link Filter http://www.linkfilter.net/ 61 Linkagogo http://www.linkagogo.com/ 62 linkaGoGo http://www.linkagogo.com/ 63 linkfilter.net http://www.linkfilter.net/ 64 Linkroll http://www.linkroll.com/ 65 Listible http://www.listible.com/ 66 looklater http://looklater.com/ 67 Lookmarks http://www.lookmarks.com/ 68 Loom http://loom.delymyth.net/ 69 LQ Bookmarks http://bookmarks.linuxquestions.org/ 70 Magnolia http://ma.gnolia.com/ 71 maple http://www.maple.nu/ 72 maple.nu http://www.maple.nu/ 73 Memestreams http://www.memestreams.net/ 74 MesFavs http://mesfavs.com/ 75 MyProgs http://myprogs.net/ 76 netvouz http://netvouz.com/ 77 NetworkMenus http://www.networkmenus.co.uk/ 78 NewNooze http://www.newnooze.com/ 79 Newsvine http://www.newsvine.com/ 80 openBM http://www.openbm.de/ 81 OYAX http://www.oyax.com/ 82 Raw Sugar http://www.rawsugar.com/ 83 Reader2 http://reader2.com/ 84 reddit http://reddit.com/ 85 Rojo http://www.rojo.com/ 86 Rollyo http://www.rollyo.com/ 87 Scuttle http://scuttle.org/ 88 Setnalo http://segnalo.com/ 89 Shadows http://www.shadows.com/ 90 Shoutwire http://www.shoutwire.com/ 91 Simpy http://simpy.com/ 92 SiterTagger http://www.sitetagger.com/ 93 slashdot http://slashdot.org/submit.pl 94 Smarking http://smarking.com/ 95 Social Bookmarking http://socialbookmarking.org/ 96 Spurl http://www.spurl.net/ 97 Squiddo http://www.squidoo.com/ 98 StumbleUpon http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 99 Sync2It http://www.sync2it.com/ 100 Taghop http://www.taghop.com/ 101 tagtooga http://www.tagtooga.com/ 102 Tailrank http://tailrank.com/ 103 Technorati http://technorati.com/ 104 Textnotes http://www.textnotes.de/ 105 TheThingsIWant http://www.thethingsiwant.com/ 106 Threadwatch http://www.threadwatch.org/ 107 Ticklr http://www.ticklr.net/ 108 Tutorialism http://www.tutorialism.com/ 109 Unalog http://unalog.com/ 110 URLex http://www.urlex.info/ 111 Wazima http://www.wazima.com/ 112 WebFeeds http://www.web-feeds.com/ 113 Wiklink http://www.erational.org/ 114 Wink http://www.wink.com/ 115 Wists http://www.wists.com/ 116 wURLdBook http://www.wurldbook.com/ 117 Yahoo My Web http://myweb2.search.yahoo.com/ 118 Yono http://www.yoono.com/ 119 Youtube http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youtube 120 zurpy http://zurpy.com/ 121 Flickr Flickr 122 Youtube YouTube 123 Popurls.com

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