Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Who is trying to pip Google?

I was surfing on the internet and a news just slipped infront of my eyes "Big internet deal being rumoured".Gosh!!! What was this? The internet business is BIG and someone is trying to consolidate.What will it lead to ... A Behemoth... but the question is of what size? I went deep.. did a google search on "internet deal". SURPRISE, I found another interesting piece of information
Update: Microsoft eyeing Internet deal to rival Google-AOL

I was feeling myself caught in the of internet.The Infoworld quotes a Microsoft employee and says "Microsoft Corp. may be cooking up a major Internet partnership to rival Google Inc.'s newly bolstered relationship with American Online Inc. (AOL), according to a blog posting by a Microsoft manager." I hurried on to the BLOG The blog says about the manager's meeting with a Tier I internet company.Now this was too much and I was now hungry for more , so I found out the Top Ten Parent Companies in Internet .

That was it. I was not taking it any far now. Do you want to take this search into a different plane?

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