Friday, November 10, 2006

"I will pay $232.53 for your digg :)"

Idle surfing sometimes helps to hit gold mines. This is what I realised today. Read below

First article
"I will pay $232.53 for your digg :)

First we compiled a list of words that (when used in a story title) get 600+ diggs per story on average. Then we added 3 extra columns to calculate the value of a single digg (Google AdSense estimation of the Cost Per Click, Cost/Day and Cost/Digg which is equal to Cost/Day / Diggs/Story).

Your vote is worth $232.53 if you digg a story with the word "video" in its title :) "
Full article at http://www.xedant.com/researches/digg_price.php

Second article
" "Amazing", "digg", "revealed": Top 100 digg.com attention grabbing words

The complete (and updated) list of words that (when used in a story title) get more than 600 diggs per story on average.

How it was developed? We analyzed 17,817 front page article titles and extracted individual words. Those words that were used in less than 30 article titles or got less than 600 diggs per article were removed.

First number in the right column is "diggs per story": if a word were used in 100 story titles with 100000 diggs total, its "diggs per story" will be 100000/100=1000. We also added a Google AdWords estimation of a keyword price so you can estimate an AdSense revenue of any digg.com article :)

Here is a funny experiment: Nano-mario wants his amazing RIAA photos!: "

Full article at http://www.xedant.com/researches/amazing_digg_revealed.php

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