Monday, September 10, 2007

Bin Laden Trade???

So what is this Bin Laden Trade???
Quoting from a site" market players expressed concerns about unusual options bets that some observers have dubbed "Bin Laden Trades." these trades, which are unusually large bets that the market will make a huge move in the next month. Some entity, or entities, has taken a large position on extremely deep in the money S&P 500 options, both puts and calls, that won't pay off unless the market undergoes an extremely large price move between now and the options' expiration on Sept. 21."

There are various theories why huge out of money put and call positions are being taken by someone. Some of these u can read at the following link.
http://www.thestree t.com/newsanalys is/optionsfuture s/10377063. html

One report said that if markets (S&P 500 and DJ Eurostoxx) don't fall by more than 25-30% by expiry of 21st Sep then the entities holding these options stand to lose almost USD 1 Billion in each market. so the fear and rumours doing rounds say that another big terrorist attack (a la repeat of 9-11) may be round the corner which can send tremors through the world financial markets.

I personaly don't have a view on this but the fact is that someone has taken huge bets in international markets so just be little cautious till 21st Sep and do some search on net to find more about this.

few links u can see
http://mparent7777- 2.blogspot. com/2007/ 08/45b-bet- on-another- 911-within- 4-weeks.html
http://www.alipac. us/modules. php?name= Forums&file=viewtopic&t=81064
http://www.anomalic research. com/optioncall. html


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