Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wanna search and browse real web pages without a connection

I was googling lazily when I came across this beauty. Let me tell about it

Now you can search the web even if you are offline.Curious!!! Even I was when I came to know about this. Read on.....

How It Works
Webaroo is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. Webaroo's advanced technology makes it simple for you to take the web with you -- and find what you are looking for anywhere, anytime. It's easy -- Webaroo stores searchable web content on your laptop, PDA or smart phone. It's fast -- searches run and pages load instantly at memory speed. It's fresh -- your Webaroo content is updated every time you sync. Get started today.

Webaroo servers scour the web and create "Web Packs".
Download Web Packs and web sites.
Search the content anytime, anywhere, without a connection.
When you re-connect, sync your device to get updated content.

By extracting and caching the best subset of the web, Webaroo makes the web portable. It puts the best of the web content in your pocket and gives you the freedom to use the web offline.
See the list of available Web Packs
Read more about Webaroo technology
System Requirements

Only 5 MB-a few minutes to download
Requires Windows XP SP1+ or Windows 2000 SP4

Source: http://www.webaroo.com/index.html

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