Friday, April 13, 2007

Female Sperm - Men Hang On

In what could be a serious contender to the male dominance of producing sperms, scientistist are toying with the idea to produce sperms from the bone marrow of females. Earlier the scientists were able to produce sperms from the male bone marrow. This will have an everlasting effect on the man - woman relationship with lesbians fully equipped to reproduce their own biological child. Does this sound interesting ?

The catch is that female - female relation ship would only be able to produce females as the Y chromosomes would be missing in the female sperms. The best thing is that infertile men will be able to have their own sperms created.

The legal and ethical angle is that "Whether the scientists will ever be able to develop the techniques to help real patients - male or female - will depend on future legislation that the Government is preparing as a replacement to the existing Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act.
A White Paper on genetics suggested that artificial gametes produced from the ordinary "somatic" tissue of the body may be banned from being used to fertilise human eggs by in vitro fertilisation." , as reported by Independent.

What do you think on this ??????

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